Week 1, Check!

Yup, so the first week of esthetics school is down. It’s amazing how much you can learn and do in 5 days.

On Monday we had class, this week discussing professional and business prep. That’s the picture up top, there. It was pretty interesting stuff, and I took about five full pages of notes.

On Tuesday the hands-on work began. I gave a facial to the owner of the spa with an instructor in the room with me giving pointers- which was only slightly terrifying. I learned a little about microcurrent (more on this soon) and got to watch a fellow student giving a microcurrent session to a client. Various other spa-like tasks were learned. I also realized that my long nails would have to go. Over tears I trimmed them so that I can give the best darn facials and arm massages in the universe. You’re welcome.

Wednesday I gave a facial to a fellow student, then my first facial to a client. This was a great experience, as by this point I felt more comfortable with the process, and confident in my ability to give a relaxing facial. She re-booked, so that’s got to be a good sign!

Thursday I had my second and third clients back to back. Now there’s an experience! It’s one thing to give a facial, then work on other projects, then give a facial. It’s a whole different animal to give two facials one right after the other. Both clients re-booked, and one nearly fell asleep (a compliment, in this industry). So I am feeling quite confident there!

I also had a great time learning a new facial massage technique for lymph drainage and sinus relief. This. Technique. Is. Amazing. I’ve tested it on a few people now, including myself, with really lovely results. If you’re feeling stuffy, puffy, or headache-y, come see me; I’ll get that sorted out for you.

Friday I had the pleasure of working with our acne specialist – she showed another students some techniques with me as their willing guinea pig. I’m excited to learn more from her through school and on my own skin-healing journey.

Overall, I’d say a great start to an exciting chapter in my life, and an excellent week!

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All the best,

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