Hair Removal FAQs

Pre-Hair Removal Care


Prior to your hair removal service, you'll want to prepare your skin properly.

  • Exfoliate your skin the day before your hair removal appointment
  • Applying a light lotion or moisturizer is completely fine
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to your appointment, and skip underwear for bikini or Brazilian waxing
  • Arrive to your appointment freshly showered if possible
  • If you are near your menstrual cycle, just know the service might be more tender than usual
  • Your first hair removal service will be the most uncomfortable! Your subsequent appointments will be far easier to tolerate. I always recommend sticking to a regular hair removal schedule every 4 weeks for best results and minimal discomfort


Post-Hair Removal Care

Post- Care

The most important part of your hair removal results is your post-care. This is the care you give your skin during the 24-48 hour time period after your hair removal service.

For best results and avoidance of breakouts, ingrown hairs, and additional irritation, always avoid exposure to excess heat, bacteria, and friction. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Avoid swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans, and pools
  • Avoid baths, hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms
  • Avoid exercising
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing, and skip underwear if possible
  • Avoid sexual activity
  • Avoid sun exposure or tanning beds
  • Avoid harsh exfoliants and abrasives
  • Avoid perfumed or fragranced products

For best results, get your hair removal services done every 4-6 weeks. Best results means less re-growth and less pain!

After the initial 24-48 hours post-hair removal, begin to gently exfoliate the treated area daily and apply an acne-safe moisturizer to prevent ingrown hairs.

Legs Skin

Bikini or Brazilian?

Bikini Hair Removal

Bikini or Brazilian?


The bikini wax removes hair around the crease where your thigh and pelvis meet, and the top of the pelvis. Think of any hair that you don't want poking out when you're wearing a bikini!

Bikini + Rear

The bikini + rear removes all of the hair of a bikini wax, and also removes hair from the rear. This is my second most popular hair removal service after Brazilians.


The Brazilian wax removes all of the hair in the pubic region. Everything from the top, bottom and everything in between. Every Brazilian is customized, so you can request to leave a strip or a triangle on the top if you prefer it.

Hair Regrowth

Hair removal results are best when repeated on a consistent schedule every 4-6 weeks. This is because of the hair growth cycle. There are 3 phases in the growth cycle, anagen (active growth), catagen (transition), telogen (resting/shedding).

After your very first hair removal appointment, you might notice regrowth sooner than you expected. This is because each individual hair is on a different phase in the growth cycle.

When hairs are in the anagen phase waxing and sugaring are most effective, and the hair will take the longest to grow back.

However, hairs in the catagen or telogen phases were so near naturally shedding from the follicle that waxing and sugaring are less effective, as these hairs were already going to start growing back soon. These are the hairs you'll see as early regrowth after your first few hair removal appointments.

We recommend regular wax/sugar appointments to progressively urge all of the hairs to be in the same phase of the growth cycle at the same time.

As this happens, you will experience less and less regrowth!



Waxing vs. Sugaring

Both waxing and sugaring remove hair from the root. Both services have some degree of discomfort, as it is rarely pain-free to remove hair from the root (but that should come as no surprise!).

There are some differences in the two services, and everyone has different preferences between the two.

Hair removal services can be customized to all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone to optimize results and minimize irritation.

The pre- and post-care for both services are the same, though!


Waxing is the removal of hair using either hard or soft wax.

Hard wax (AKA hot wax) is applied hot, allowed to cool, and removed once it is hard. Soft wax (AKA strip wax) is applied hot and is removed with a strip of muslin (fabric).

The wax is typically applied in the direction of hair growth, and removed against the direction of hair growth. This results in the hair being removed from the follicle by the root.

The wax can stick to the skin as well as the hair.

When the client keeps the trained professional informed about their skin, the results are smooth skin that can last up to 6 weeks.


Sugaring hair removal, an ancient middle-eastern practice, is similar to waxing, but the all-natural paste sticks to the hair not to the skin, which causes less redness, pain, and inflammation.

The paste is typically applied against the direction of hair growth, and removed with the direction of hair growth. This results in the hair being removed from the follicle by the root.

Since the mixture is made of natural ingredients (sugar, water, and lemon juice) there can be less irritation than waxing and it washes off easily with water.

When the client keeps the trained professional informed about their skin, the results are smooth skin that can last up to 6 weeks.

Product Recommendations

Unsure where to begin with the pre- and post-care recommendations? No worries! Here are my favorite products.