Why finipil deserved to go viral – and why you need it!

finipil is an antiseptic cream that I use on every single sugaring client after service to soothe the skin, protect the empty hair follicles, and kill bacteria.

This amazing product recently went viral on TikTok and Instagram rapidly getting over 14 million views. Why did finipil go viral? Because pretty much everybody who removes their body hair (by shaving, waxing, sugaring, or otherwise!) experiences some less than optimal side effects like skin irritation, itchiness, red bumps, and ingrown hairs. finipil is the answer to these problems!

This product formula is so gentle and soothing that while cleaning and protecting pores (aka follicles), it is also moisturizing them. On top of that, it doesn’t clog pores!

I apply this to sugared skin after every sugaring service. I always recommend a client take their very own tube of finipil home with them and apply it every day after a shower to keep their skin clean and protected.

Let me tell you, if you struggle with ingrown hairs, finipil is a game changer! Every client I’ve worked with (including myself!) who experiences ingrowns notices a total 180 after incorporating finipil into their home routine.

finipil boasts over 101 uses, here are just a few to shout out:

  • Treat acne and blemishes (blemish cream)
  • Soothe and cool skin irritations, rashes and itching
  • Use as an aftershave cream or aftershave lotion to prevent shaving bumps
  • Use as a sunburn cream
  • Use on tattoos to help heal
  • Apply as a moisturizing foot cream
  • Apply as an excellent base under make-up
  • To treat ingrown hairs (my fave)
  • To soften chapped hands
  • Use after manicure or pedicure
  • Apply after threading
  • Apply after microblading
  • Apply as leg lotion

What are you waiting for? Try it today!

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