Something For Each Of Us

I’d like to invite you to send any questions you have about your skin, your friend’s skin, the skin of someone you saw on the bus, whatever.

This thought struck me as a good idea for several reasons –

  1. You fine folk can get some information about your skin. I know you have questions, and you want answers, and I’d like to get some answers to you.
  2. So I can get experience. Any questions you have I will discuss with instructors and professional estheticians to make sure I am on the right page, and I’ll be learning just as much as you are
  3. If you are willing to let me write a blog post about your question, many people will learn more.

Please note – I cannot make any medical diagnoses. I can, however, suggest you see a doc if it is necessary.

If you have questions about pigmentation, aging, blemishes, dryness, oil,  etc. – those are the sorts of things about which I will be able to give you some answers.

So, shoot over to the Contact page and drop me a line. I’ll get back to you with your answers ASAP.

Talk soon!

All the best,

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