The Wonderful World of Machines

This was a pretty fun and memorable week. I began the week in Casper, WY, where I had the great privilege to see the solar eclipse at totality. Hard to top that. (Especially after the 7.5 hour drive to get from Cheyenne to Casper, normally 2.5-3 hours tops.)

Back in school, it was a very hands-on week. I got to practice facial waxing before my first brow wax client on Friday, which was pretty exciting. (And did I take photos? Nope. Sure didn’t.)

The most exciting moments of the week were spent working with two machines: high frequency, and microcurrent. (Click the links for more info on each!) I enjoy working with high frequency so much, and my skin likes it so much, I actually bought my own personal high frequency machine.

Microcurrent is a little more intense than high frequency – I myself had a bit of a headache after the first session. Microcurrent is exercise for your face, and I think I started off lifting weights that were too heavy and not stretching afterwards. A lower setting and shorter session might have been a good idea! I also got to use the microcurrent machine on a classmate, she had a similar reaction. One of our microcurrent clients, though, has no adverse reactions after her sessions. It goes to show that everyone is different!

I’m very much looking forward to using these machines more, and learning about other advanced machines!


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