New Service Spotlight: Lash Lifts!

Lash lifts are taking the beauty world by storm. When you see the killer results, it’s really no wonder!

What are lash lifts?

Lash lifting is a service that results in beautifully curled, longer-looking eyelashes. With results that last the life of the eyelashes (6-12 weeks), this means no eyelash curler, no lash extensions, no falsies for several weeks! I always suggest getting a lash lift and tint, which will also give you sultry, dark eyelashes so you can even skip mascara.

The process

The lash lift process is pretty straightforward, and quick enough to be done over a lunch break!

  1. I select the perfect rod or shield for your lashes and eyelid shape
  2. I gently and carefully adhere the rod or shield to your eyelid using water soluble glue
  3. I carefully position your lashes to the rod with that water soluble glue and individually isolate each lash for optimal results: full, voluminous-looking lashes
  4. The first solution is applied – this breaks down molecular bonds within each lash, preparing them for the next step
  5. The second solution is applied – this rebuilds those molecular bonds in the eyelashes’ new position
  6. Application of Re-GEN formula conditions, nourishes, and strengthens the eyelashes for healthy lashes and healthy lash growth. Conditioning the eyelashes properly after a lash lift is mandatory for optimal lash health!
  7. Tint (if you’re tinting) is applied and then removed
  8. You have stunning, zero-makeup eyelashes!

The catch

You’re reading this thinking, no way, this is obviously too good to be true… what’s the catch? Here’s the catch: you can’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours. No steamy showers, no direct water contact. For that first 24 hours you’ll also want to avoid eye makeup and eye makeup remover. After the first 24 hours, you’re in the clear to love living with your new lashes!

Other bonuses

Aside from having effortlessly gorgeous lashes, there are some other benefits to getting lash lifts!

  1. Less daily damage to your eyelashes by foregoing curlers and mascara
  2. You’ll save time in your get ready routine by not having to do extra work on your lashes
  3. Save room in your luggage! No need to pack mascara and lash curlers for your trip after you’ve had a lash lift & tint
  4. You only need to get the service done every 6-12 weeks (compared to weekly lash extension fills, you’ll be enjoying some free time!)

What are you waiting for? Book your lash lift and tint today to experience darker, longer-looking lashes and bright, open eyes!

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