Wrapping It Up…

I’m approaching my last several hours for school. The once daunting 600 hours is now down to a mere handful, and I find my instructors mentioning my imminent graduation.

So, what’s next?

Surprising to many, I want to seek a career in waxing. I really enjoy waxing . Needless to say, this method of hair removal is instant gratification. Even more, a proper wax changes someone’s confidence immediately and visibly. A great brow wax and brow shaping enhances the face like nothing else can. And a wax anywhere else leaves the client feeling smooth, and that’s exactly what they are looking for!

While searching for a waxing studio to call home, I may stay on at The White Magnolia as a graduate esthetician to still provide services.

Let’s not put the cart before the horse- first things first is passing boards!

In Colorado, after you’ve completed your 600 hours in school, you need to take a practical board exam, and once you’ve passed that, a written exam. After passing both, you receive your license to practice esthetics.

I’ve never had test anxiety in my life before (even for the ACT and AP exams); but suddenly I find myself a bit anxious over this exam. Perhaps it is because passing this exam means I get to enter a career which I desperately want to join. I’ve never wanted to pursue a path so deeply before now – so why should I have been nervous about exams before now?

I’m excited to keep you all posted on my progress.


All the best,

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