Three Reasons to Try Sugaring

1. Sugaring is naturally gentle

Made of three natural ingredients (sugar, water, and lemon juice), sugar paste is the medium we use to remove unwanted hair in a sugaring service. This mixture is slightly warmer than room temperature, and never hot. Say goodbye to burns from waxing!

The sugar paste is applied slowly three times against the direction of hair growth, which allows the paste to wrap around each individual hair shaft, and seep down into the hair follicle. Because of this, the paste doesn’t have to be sticky, which means it does not stick to live skin cells. Sugar only removes hair and dead skin cells, giving your skin a gentle exfoliation with minimal irritation.

Because of its gentle nature, you have minimal risk for lifted skin (ever had a shiny, raw patch of skin after a wax?) and you never have to worry about nicks or cuts from shaving with a razor.

2. Sugaring removes the whole hair from the root = smoother skin

Remember how I said the sugar paste wraps around each individual hair shaft, and seep down into the hair follicle? When the paste is removed with the growth of the hair shaft, the entire hair is removed from the follicle. This means the hair you see and feel above the surface, and the hair and root that you do not see below the surface of the skin.

When removing the entire hair instead of shaving, you don’t have to deal with prickly regrowth! This leads to smoother skin for longer (up to weeks longer).

A common issue with waxing is broken hairs – when a hair snaps at or just below the surface of the skin. Now this can happen to the most talented waxer with the best technique and the best quality wax – it is not something to be upset over. However, another bonus of sugaring is that it is far less likely to break hairs than waxing is, leaving you with longer-lasting smooth results.

3. Sugaring leads to less irritation and ingrown hairs, even for sensitive skin

If you struggle with skin irritation and/or ingrown hairs from shaving or waxing, you have to try sugaring! Because of the gentle nature of sugar and the way it works, sugaring leads to significantly less irritation and fewer ingrown hairs on treated areas compared to waxed or shaved.

Since the paste is applied against the direction of growth of the hair, and then removed with the direction of hair growth (the opposite of waxing), the hair follicles experience way less trauma compared to waxing. With sugaring, we slide the hair out in a more natural direction instead of ripping it in the opposite direction.

Because the hairs are removed from the root completely, in a less traumatic direction, and aren’t breaking below the surface of the skin, ingrown hairs become far less likely.

Additionally, since sugar paste is used warm, not hot, and it is naturally so gentle, even sensitive skin can benefit from sugaring with minimal irritation compared to waxing and shaving.

Ready to try sugaring?

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