Dermaplaning vs. Razorplaning

Smooth skin is always in

Let’s face it, everyone wants baby-smooth, soft skin. If it can be free of peach fuzz, all the better.

That’s part of why both dermaplaning and razorplaning have become so popular.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s break down the terms.


Dermaplaning is a professional service offered by a licensed esthetician, nurse, or cosmetologist who has also been certified in providing dermaplaning.


It is a mechanical exfoliation service, meaning it gets rid of the topmost layer of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin using a physical, not chemical, means. Exfoliation is necessary for youthful, glowing skin. That topmost layer of dead skin cells make skin look dull, makes fine lines and wrinkles look more pronounced, and can lead to breakouts.

Dermaplaning uses a medical blade to gently scrape the surface of the skin. It may sound crazy, but it is a tried and true (and beloved) form of exfoliation that was once reserved for the rich and famous. Now that regular people can get this service, it is no wonder it has become so popular.

Dry brushing is also a form of mechanical exfoliation, and my most recommended way to exfoliate the skin in your body!

Peach Fuzz Removal

The additional benefit of a dermaplane treatment as opposed to another form of mechanical exfoliation (like microdermabrasion, for example) is that the medical blade also removes any peach fuzz on the surface of the skin. This makes for the smoothest skin of your life. Makeup applies extra flawlessly (which is why makeup artists love it when you get a dermaplane a couple of days before a big event) and you don’t have to worry about little peach fuzzies catching the light.


From the stars to regular people, it is obvious why dermaplaning is so wonderful. With the amazing benefits of peach fuzz removal added to those of exfoliation, there was a breakdown in communication of benefits down the line.

Razorplaning is face shaving. There are lots of razorplaning razors on the market, most notably the Tinkle Razor. Many influencers and marketers try to sell these devices as “at home dermaplane” tools, which further confuses the facts.

I have nothing against razorplaning – in fact, if you want to have a fuzz-free face but don’t want to or can’t get a dermaplane, razorplaning is a perfectly adequate option! By the nature of the razors, they even provide a small amount of superficial exfoliation.

If you want all of the benefits from dermaplaning, however, like the exfoliation and glowing results, razorplaning isn’t a perfect substitute.

The Verdict

So, the verdict? If you want a skin treatment that will lead to brighter, glowier skin that is ready for flawless makeup and flawless photos, getting a dermaplane treatment will be the right fit for you!

If you just want to remove your peach fuzz, feel free to razorplane. My fellow estheticians might kick me off the island for saying this, but razorplaning won’t hurt you, and the razors are built to be as safe as possible to minimize potential damage to your skin.

No peach fuzz! Do you think she razorplaned or dermaplaned?

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