Skincare – The Skillful

The Skillful

You’re not new to skincare, you’ve been around the block, you have a grasp on things. For example, you know that the 3 steps of everyone’s basic skincare foundation should be: cleanse, tone, protect.

But you want more, and who wouldn’t?

The next step for any skincare lover, or anyone with problematic skin is exfoliation.


There are two main categories of exfoliation: physical, and chemical. While both technically have the same end effect of sloughing off dead skin cells, they do it rather differently.

Physical Exfoliation

Physical exfoliants exfoliate the skin by physically removing dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. The most common physical exfoliants form home use are scrubs and facial brushes. Professional physical exfoliation services include microdermabrasion and dermaplaning.

Most skincare professionals don’t lean towards physical exfolation at home for two main reasons. First, if you have inflamed or combination acne, physical exfoliation will just cause further irritation and spread bacteria. Second, many drugstore scrubs use large, uneven exfoliants like fruit pits or nut shells which tend to cause micro-tears in the skin. Steer clear in those situations, and you’ll be fine.

Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliants dissolve dead skin cells and/or oils between the skin cells from the surface of the skin. Enzymes and hydroxy acids fall into this category.

*insert purring noise here* We love chemical exfoliation. It is easy to customize to make sure you’re using the perfect match for your skin without over-drying or irritating. When applied in a serum or a mask at home, it takes minimal effort to achieve a thin, even layer over the whole face (and neck and decollete for bonus points!). This even application ensures the most bang for your buck in resurfacing, treating, and brightening power.

Where to begin?

The best addition to your basic routine is an exfoliating serum, typically with one or two hydroxy acids as the main active ingredient(s). Click here for a breakdown of hydroxy acids and what they help target the most efficiently!

Apply a thin, even layer over your skin after cleansing and toning, and before applying moisturizer or sun protection (SPF).

The Artistic

Ooh, you still want more? I like your style. Click here for the next step in serious skincare.