Skincare – The Artistic

The Artistic

Oh, hi. I’m glad you made it this far!

It’s safe to say you’re no novice with skincare. You’re properly cleansing, toning, using an exfoliating serum, and protecting your skin twice a day. That’s nothing to scoff at! But you, you masterful skincare ace, you want yet a little bit more.

(If you’ve stumbled upon this page by accident, I encourage you to check out some skincare basics before you read on.)


Masking is the perfect next step to amping up your skincare routine at home. Masks are an amazing product that can do pretty much anything. Masks can be hydrating, firming, exfoliating, brightening, antibacterial, pro-collagen, etc. etc. etc. The key to finding a great mask can be trial and error (and reading reviews), but if you have acne-prone skin, be careful to make sure any masks you use are free of any pore clogging ingredients.


All masks will be used after cleansing and toning. Apply and leave on for the directed amount of time on the packaging, then remove as directed. I like to tone again to remove all traces of mask residue, then finish up with exfoliating serum and moisturizer.

For treatment-based masks with active ingredients designed to exfoliate, dry, or kill bacteria, use once a week, and always in the evening.

For all other masks designed for hydrating, soothing, use as directed on the packaging. Most of these are safe to use more than once a week, and any time of day.