What are minerals?

Minerals are natural (made without human help), and inorganic (meaning they are not made from carbon, like life forms) substances which are essential in many cell reactions.


Magnesium – required for healthy sleep, energy release, nerve and muscle movement. In the skin, magnesium helps maintain moisture

Selenium – is a mineral and an antioxidant which protects the immune system. In the skin, it helps control oil

Silica – helps with firming and plumping the skin, and improving texture

Zinc – promotes wound-healing and helps the immune system. In the skin, it is critical in the production of collagen, and helps protect from environmental factorss

Copper – is involved in processes for making blood, bones, cells, and elastin; it also helps with healing and collagen production. It helps protect the skin, and the collagen production keeps skin youthful and plump

Sulfur – helps hair and nails grow. In the skin, it regulates oil control, helps with sensitivity, and helps with exfoliation

Minerals in skincare

Many skin types can benefit from minerals in their skincare – if the products are formulated properly. Simple minerals do not penetrate the skin efficiently – but cosmetic chemists can manipulate minerals to be functional. Shrinking the minerals (think nanoparticles), dissolving them, or mixing them with carrier molecules can allow the skin to absorb minerals and use their benefits.

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