Essential Oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils derived from herbs and other plants. Some essential oils have affects on the skin, and can be used to relax, stimulate, or balance the person exposed to them topically or by scent. They are particularly common in aromatherapy.

What kind of skin likes essential oils?

All skin types and bodies react differently to essential oils. Some people may love essential oils – diffusing them in the air, using them topically, and even consuming them under the tongue or in capsules. Other people love the scent, but their skin is too sensitive for essential oils. Others still cannot tolerate essential oils at all.

Always patch test essential oils on your skin to make sure your skin doesn’t have an adverse reaction, and you are okay with the scent for however long it may linger. Some scents can last all day.

Some popular essential oils:

Lavender can be beneficial to all skin types, it encourages calm skin, can help with irritation and inflammation, and has shown to help with aging skin. It has a calming affect on the psyche.

Lemon and other citrus oils can be beneficial to boost mood and calm oily skin.

Tea Tree or Melaleuca oil is naturally antibacterial, and can be good as a spot treatment for bacterial acne.

Peppermint is helpful to tone oily skin, and is great in a scalp massage to stimulate hair growth. Peppermint has an invigorating affect on the psyche.